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New experience: Preliminary information
30 Dec
New experience: Preliminary information

In the era of prosperity of a powerful state, under the leadership of the Dear Commander-in-Chief, important economic projects are being implemented implementing effective measures to develop digital systems in all areas of our country. In this regard, by the Concept for the Development of the Digital Economy of Turkmenistan in 2019-2025, the introduction of a digital system in all customs authorities is important.

In anticipation of the new year 2020, the website of the Directorate of Economic Management at SCST has been updated with many innovations, in particular, supplemented with a form for preliminary information on goods and vehicles.

As we know from world practice in various countries with the introduction of digital systems, an exchange of preliminary electronic information is being established to help accelerate the processing time at the customs border. A preliminary exchange of information, allowing the conduct of customs procedures in electronic form, ensures the exchange of information between participants in foreign economic activity and customs authorities, as well as the reduction of paper documents and processing time.

A preliminary electronic exchange of information simplifies the receipt of data on goods and vehicles arriving at the customs border of Turkmenistan and its transfer to the customs authorities. Such electronic data is easily transmitted and obtained through various platforms on the Internet. Preliminary information contains data on declarants, attached documents, consignees and senders, vehicles, transport companies, driver, goods, its prices and other data required by customs authorities. This data automatically enters the unified system of customs authorities under a specific identification number and is converted into a minimum set for further customs clearance. Upon the arrival of goods and vehicles to the customs border of Turkmenistan after confirmation of the customs document, converted based on preliminary information is issued in a minimum time. And this in turn leads to an increase in the flows of vehicles and goods, the development of transport and transit corridors and trade relations in the region.

The establishment of preliminary information at the current stage of the transition to the digital economy in Turkmenistan is important in improving customs and customs control in general. In a market economy, the rapid implementation of customs procedures, reducing the time clearance of goods and vehicles passing through the customs border is one of the important economic indicators.

Taking this opportunity, we express our sincere gratitude to the Dear President of Turkmenistan for the opportunity to strengthen the material and technical base of the customs service, improve customs affairs, as well as to improve the social and living conditions of customs officers