Turkmenistan meets New Year with Great Celebrations
2 Jan
Turkmenistan meets New Year with Great Celebrations

The New Year 2020 entered the life of the country unusually vividly, giving all Turkmen citizens and, especially, children a cascade of joyful experiences, the festive marathon of which continues.

These days, our capital also appeared delightfully beautiful, dressed in a shining outfit of New Year’s illumination, which covered the streets, parks and squares with lace from millions of lights. As always, the square in front of the Älem cultural and entertainment center, where the main Christmas tree of the country is established, became the center of the main New Year celebrations.

On the stage, built on the square, a musical show takes place with the participation of popular pop soloists, recognized masters and rising stars, who delighted the audience with creative dedications to the New Year. Rhythmic vocal-choreographic compositions, lyric and incendiary songs were presented.

On behalf of all compatriots, the presenters address of esteemed President with Happy New Year, the Year of “Turkmenistan is the homeland of Neutrality”, wishing happiness, health, longevity, success in achieving great goals in the name of prosperity of the country, well-being of the people.

Then the presenters announce the beginning of a traditional holiday teleconference linking the Turkmen capital that night with the administrative centers of all the provinces. The direct inclusion relay allowed to look into different parts of the country and see how locals celebrate there, who, in turn, joined the New Year celebration in Ashgabat, sharing the joy of everyone’s favorite holiday.

The New Year’s teleconference is completed by the capital of independent neutral Turkmenistan – residents of Ashgabat, who have filled the entire area in front of the Älem cultural and entertainment center, wish success, prosperity and happiness through the elders and schoolchildren of their compatriots in all cities and villages. They are supported by festive dedications by popular artists and dance groups.

Summing up the New Year’s holiday greetings from the residents of the regions and the capital, the presenters highlighted the main thing – these are the wishes for the further prosperity of Turkmenistan and the increase in the international prestige of our country so that the people live in peace and unity.

Silence sets in on the many-voiced square – all eyes are turned on television monitors: esteemed President speaks live on New Year’s address to the people of Turkmenistan. The head of state congratulated on the advent of the New Year 2020, wishing us good luck this year.

After a few moments, the clock hands closed at the highest point. The national anthem of Turkmenistan sounds.

And in the next seconds, volleys of festive fireworks sounded. The New Year has begun. New Year’s Eve was lit up with colorful fountains of light, painting bright, glowing chrysanthemums in the dark sky. Such fantastic “bouquets” were handed to each viewer of this show, which disappeared without a trace after a while in the air, but remained in the soul along with the cherished dreams and desires.    

And they will certainly come true! After all, the main thing that unites us all in our thoughts together is the desire for good and creation, the joy of a peaceful and calm life, faith in tomorrow, which will open up new possibilities.

And after the salute was over, the song “Arzuw” (“Dream”), the words were written by the head of state and the music by his grandson Kerim Berdimuhamedov, became a big surprise for everyone. Her premiere took place a year ago, and the song has become a melodic symbol.

In the performance of the President of Turkmenistan, it sounded on New Year’s Eve as parting words and the sincerest wishes to the people.