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Deryaplastik Business Entity: Use of local materials, flexible marketing, growth of export production
10 Mar
Deryaplastik Business Entity: Use of local materials, flexible marketing, growth of export production

Facilities of Deryaplastik Business Entity, which provide local market with polypropylene, polyvinylchloride and polyethylene production, have started using only local material. These days, entrepreneurs procure polymeric production from high technology petrochemical complex in Kiyanly (Balkan Velayat) for making import substitutive and export-oriented goods, reports the State News Agency of Turkmenistan.

Refuse of imported raw material has provided significant enhancement of effectiveness of production and increment of production output. 10 – 12 thousand tons of local polyethylene and polypropylene are processed in the workshops of the business entity, which significantly exceeds the last years indicators. At the same time, the cost of production has reduced by 30 percent. Together with increment of production volume, the range of products has been increased. If one year ago, the business entity supplied the market with 700 varieties of products, now this figure has reached 1,200. Soon, it is planned to open another facility – the plant for production of water heaters, which will make boilers with 15 to 150 litres capacity.

Throughout many year, Deryaplastik Business Entity holds leading positions in the market of construction materials of the country. As for today, the structure of the business entity includes three facilities, two of which make standard polymeric production like pipes, spares and fittings, ceiling boards, windowsills, electrical cables.

In addition, the entrepreneurs have arranged production of 60 new items of household goods. First in Turkmenistan plant for production of ceramic sanitary ware under Deryakeramika trademark has been opened in 2017.

Procuring profile equipment and using innovative technologies, the facility tries to reach the level of the world market. Optimum ratio of price and quality provided competiveness to production of the business entity. Starting from 2018, the company deliver production to the neighbouring countries and some countries of the CIS. This year, Baltic countries and the Republic of Belarus will expand geography of supplies.