Working trip of the President of Turkmenistan to Balkan Velayat
18 Jun
Working trip of the President of Turkmenistan to Balkan Velayat

On 17 June, 2020, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who is currently on working trip in Balkan velayat, inspected the works in agricultural sphere of the region, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

…Early in the morning, helicopter of the President of the country has landed at the territory of Turkmenistan Farming Association, Bereket etrap, which became the biggest agricultural industry centre of Balkan Velayat in the last several years.

The Head of the State was warmly greeted by the officials who gathered in this place. Turkmen leader have gone to the fields of the farming association where various agricultural crops are cultivated.

Along his way, the President has inspected the condition of Ashgabat – Turkmenbashy road and addressed number of assignments for control of quality of road cover of the highway and timely solution of the issues of its proper operation.

Having come to the field of grain producer Tagandurdy Bayramgulyev, the President expressed his interest in work of the farmer, size of leased land, wheat productivity and capabilities made of the farmers.

Having expressed gratitude to the Head of the State for the interest in his work, T. Bayramguliyev said that being engaged in land farming for 40 years, he leases 17 hectares of land where he cultivates Bereket wheat and plans to receive 40 – 45 tons of grain from each hectares.

Having noted that the government renders all required support providing water, fertilizers and high quality seeds, powerful high productive equipment, the grain producer expressed gratitude for this comprehensive support.

The President has cut the sheaf of ripe full wheat ears and wished rich harvest to the farmer. After, the Head of the State have talked to machine operator Gurbanberdy Tuvakgelov.

The Head of the State has wished success to the farmer and machine operator and presented gifts to them. After, the President has approached the girls and women who were cooking various national dishes for the event.

Having expressed gratitude to them, Turkmen leader noted great role of women in protection of national heritage and traditions as well as in the subjects related to modern upbringing of youth and presented gifts to them.

After, the Head of the State went toward the fields and facilities of Nurly meýdan farmign association. This company has been estabished in 2013. 393 hectares, out of which 343.7 hectares are used for cultivation of forage crops and 50 hectares are allocated for production facilities, were given to the farm in Bereket etrap.

It includes the poultry complex with workshop for chicken meat production with output capacity of 8,000 tons per year. At present time, 5,000 tons of product is delivered every year to shopping network.

It also has a poultry farm with cages for laying hens for 16 million eggs with incubators designated for delivery of 12 million chicken. It also has a forage production plant for birds with annual out capacity of 72,000 tons, livestock complex for 100 tons of meat per year and hothouse where 500,000 roses are grown each year.

The President was welcomed by head of Nurly meýdan Farmign Association Tachmyrat Tuvakov. In the conversationw ith the businessman, the Head of the State has asked about his work, family, production and equipment of the complex.

After, T. Tuvakov told to Turkmen leader about the plans of further expansion of his activity, increment of livestock of cattle and sheep, establishment of reliable forage base of the farm. He has also told to the Head of the State about special features of cultivation of different flowers in the hothouse farm. Qualified specialists are involved in this.

At present time, 50 hectares of the farm are sown with corn. Lucerne is cultivated on almost 50 hectares, soya beans on 24 hectares. Another 222 hectares of land are allocated for wheat, barley and other crops.

The Head of the State gave instructions to profile officials to develop agriculture on scientific base, to improve work of scientific and research institutes, to change work in all structures of the industry according to time requirements.

Work of people who receive satisfaction from their honest work and provide food abundance have to be appreciated deservingly, Turkmen leader said.

Having wished success in work to all, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov left the place of event.