Miras Magazine: View of scientists on historical and cultural heritage of Turkmen nation
5 Aug
Miras Magazine: View of scientists on historical and cultural heritage of Turkmen nation

Regular issue of quarterly scientific and popular Miras Magazine, which is published by Magtumguly Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, has been released, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

The content of new issues of the magazine includes articles of historians and archaeologists, ethnographers and cultural, language and literature scientists.

Traditional section “Discoveries and New Developments” continues series of publications about results of studies of Magtumguly Fragi activity, which reflect inexhaustible interest raised all over the world in the poet, views and works filed with humanistic ideals of the genius of national classic literature.

Based on various sources and artefacts discovered in the result of archaeological excavations, the author of article “Pottery of Shehrislam” presents interesting data on the history of development of this craft.

Section “Interaction of cultures, nations and civilizations” has an article “Abu Ali Ibn Sina in the view of Nesimi”, which gives analysis of influence of medieval Islamic philosophy on the formation of foundations and literary traditions in works of the famous poet.

Article “Emergence of commodity and monetary relations in Turkmenistan” states that numismatics, the science about coins, is very important among historical sources, which are national values. It is mentioned in the publication that monetary circulation on the territory of our country has started at the end of the IV BC.

“Chronicles of Scientific and Cultural Life” gives review of events of social, scientific and cultural life of the country in the third quarter of the last year.

Numerous pictures serves as an excellent addition to the articles of Miras Magazine, which is published in Turkmen, English and Russian languages.