Rules for using T1/T2 transit module

The State Customs Service of Turkmenistan has been implementing automated customs data system. A T1/T2 transit module of this system started to operate.  In this regard, the placement of goods and vehicles moving across the customs border of Turkmenistan under the customs procedure of customs transit is carried out through this system. The activities of customs brokers (representatives) are organized at the internal and border customs posts of Turkmenistan and carriers (forwarders) can use the services of customs brokers (representatives). According to the customs legislation of Turkmenista...

The State Customs Service of Turkmenistan invites for cooperation!

To implement a pilot project of declaring goods and vehicles in border posts, the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan invites customs brokers to cooperate. For more information on the requirements and discussion of the possibility of cooperation, interested parties are invited to the Central Office of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan at 10:00 on March 5, 2019.

TÜRKMENISTANYŇ KANUNY Türkmenistanyň Gümrük kodeksine goşmaçalar we üýtgetmeler girizmek hakynda

TÜRKMENISTANYŇ KANUNY Türkmenistanyň Gümrük kodeksine goşmaçalar we üýtgetmeler girizmek hakynda I. 2010-njy ýylyň 25-nji sentýabrynda Türkmenistanyň Kanuny bilen tassyklanylan Türkmenistanyň Gümrük kodeksine (Türkmenistanyň Mejlisiniň Maglumatlary, 2010 ý., № 3, 61-nji madda; 2012 ý., № 3, 69-njy madda, № 4, 96-njy madda; 2015 ý., № 4, 127-nji madda; 2017 ý., № 1, 31-nji madda) şu goşmaçalary we üýtgetmeleri girizmeli: 1) 73-nji maddadan soň şu mazmunly maddany goşmaly: «731-nji madda. Gümrük işi babatda hukuk bozulmalarynyň amala aşyrylan halatynda harytlary wagtlaýyn saklamagyň...