Capability of fuel and energy complex on the pages of new issue
6 Aug
Capability of fuel and energy complex on the pages of new issue

On August 5, 2020, regular issue of social and political, scientific and journalistic magazine Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan has been released, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

Specialized magazine dedicated to oil and gas industry of the country presents articles, which highlight the main directions and trends of development of Turkmen fuel and energy complex, speaks of solution of specific objectives set by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for this important sector of national economy.

The magazine introduce opinions of the leading experts, analysis of current situation, forecast, statistics and facts, latest technologies and modern equipment, scientific studies carried out by Turkmen scientists.

New issue contains articles about innovative methods of processing of natural gas, and improved methods applied in hydrocarbon production, development of deposits and layers, which are described as very complicated for development.

Constructive initiates made by Turkmen leader in provision of global energy security and practical measures taken for the implementation of these initiatives, dynamic development of national economy in general, favourable investment climate in the country, which are all consolidated by national legislation meeting international standards and specific projects – all of these is reviewed at the pages of the magazine in various aspects.

Further diversification of supply of Turkmen hydrocarbons to the world markets is one of the main themes. Under the leadership of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Turkmenistan purposefully establishes multidimensional gas transport system elaborating on number of major projects with foreign partners. Articles “Way of Permanent Neutrality – Way of Peace and Cooperation” and “Energy and International Relations” are dedicated to these subjects.

Article “Production of activate charcoals by carbonization of rice husks in Turkmenistan” will raise interest of specialists as well as wider circle of readers. The author presents export oriented and import substitutive project of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the country.

Introduction of proposed method of sorbent production in the recycling process of rice grain wastes into production is able to make significant impact on reduction of cost for procurement of activated charcoal from overseas as well as on protection of environment.

This sorbent is successfully used in oil and gas industry, agriculture, metallurgy and many other fields.

Search for new methods of import substitutive production is provided by intensification of industrial development of Turkmenistan, by those large-scale and integrated objectives, which are specified for the economy of the country, especially for its main branches.

Stable development of national fuel and energy complex will support to strengthening of positions and enhancement of prestige of our state in the world level as oil and gas power.