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The new work of our esteemed President is a clear evidence of the idea of a powerful nation
17 Sen
The new work of our esteemed President is a clear evidence of the idea of a powerful nation

A presentation of the literary and philosophical book of the President of Turkmenistan "The Spiritual World of Turkmen" was held at the Central Office of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan and in the Central Customs Building of the Dashoguz velayat with the participation of military personnel and law enforcement agencies.

The speeches emphasized the importance of the new book and the need for deep study, preservation and promotion of our great cultural heritage, which is a reliable basis for the spiritual rise of the Turkmen in the new historical era.

The publication of a new book by the esteemed President “The Spiritual World of Turkmen”, dedicated to the national values of the Turkmen people, created over the centuries, is a wonderful gift for our people on the eve of the 29th Anniversary of the country’s Independence. In the new work, the principles of unity, friendship, mutual respect and happiness are clearly expressed through the rich treasury of folklore.

The new work, based on the wisdom of our esteemed President, consists of twelve chapters and covers such concepts as the diversity of life, the well-being of the earth, areas of eternal life, the importance of science and education, a healthy lifestyle, hard work, hospitality, friendship and brotherhood. The work summarizes the centuries-old wisdom of our glorious ancestors and the legends created by our people.

In a new book, esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed his wise views on the noble principles of peace and stressed the importance of our national traditions, their role in ensuring the well-being of the Motherland and educating the current generation. The key role is played by issues related to a thorough study of the national heritage of our people.

In his work, the esteemed President emphasizes that the duty of each of us and our people is to preserve and share the experience of the past for the future. Because in this, the features of the creation of spiritual principles of each historical period are obvious. In the new book of our Leader of the Nation, the concept of nature and human relationships is widely explained through various events. Thus, it is clear that the book connects the past with the present, and that the culture of each nation, including the principles of our people, contains universal values, noble examples.

“The Spiritual World of the Turkmen” is a vivid expression of our ancient traditions, national principles arising from the life experience of our ancestors, nurtured by the deep worldview and wisdom of our esteemed President. Presently, the presentation of the esteemed President’s new work in the ministries, public organizations and enterprises of our country is gaining momentum. This work is a special guide for military personnel on the defense of the country and encourages a sense of patriotism.

May the life of the Respected Supreme Commander be healthy, long and prosperous, who revived our heritage and culture, defends the statehood and peace of our stable Motherland!