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A plant for the production of decorative ceramic bricks was put into operation in Lebap velayat
17 Dec
A plant for the production of decorative ceramic bricks was put into operation in Lebap velayat

As a result of the tireless work of the Dear President of Turkmenistan, who has made the motto "State for a person!" as his main principle, the country's economic power is strengthening every day. Lebap entrepreneurs are also actively involved in the further development of the country's export potential. Today in Lebap for small and medium-sized businesses dozens of new industrial and innovative projects are being successfully implemented. The expansion of production by private entrepreneurs based on innovative technologies has led to an abundance of import-substituting products, as well as increased demand for domestic goods in foreign countries. An example is the plant for the production of decorative bricks, built on the territory of the Khalach district of the Lebap region and owned by the economic society Dovletli-Dovran, according to the order of the Honorable President of Turkmenistan No. 14246 dated December 15, 2015.

The production capacity of the plant is 175.0 - 192.5 thousand tons or 73-80 million conventional ceramic decorative bricks. The main types of the plant's products are ceramic and clinker products - decorative bricks, ceramic stone, hollow blocks. The future strategy of the plant is the production of various thermoblocks (warm blocks) and decorative stone for the floor. Decorative clinker bricks are a novelty of local production. The plant also plans to produce ceramic tiles, decorative tiles, ceramic staircases, terracotta tiles, window sill tiles, indoor suspended tiles with air conditioning for the home and exterior finishing of the building.

The products of this plant are sold not only in the domestic market, but also in foreign markets. The industrial equipment equipped at the plant is manufactured in Spain, Japan and Italy. The finished products are initially planned to be exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

The opening and launch of the plant on the eve of the 25th anniversary of neutrality, in the year “Turkmenistan is the Homeland of Neutrality”, added joy and pride to Lebap entrepreneurs. Turkmen entrepreneurs express their sincere gratitude to our Distinguished President of Turkmenistan for creating such a great opportunity to work and do business.