Journal “Politics and Society”
12 Jan
Journal “Politics and Society”

The special issue of the scientific-theoretical journal “Politics and Society” published by the Archive Fund of the President of Turkmenistan of the Main Archive Department under the Cabinet of Ministers is dedicated to the neutrality, its 25th anniversary, which was widely and solemnly celebrated in our country last year.

The issue starts with an overview of the stages of development of a multifaceted partnership with the United Nations. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov identified this direction as one of the key vectors of Turkmenistan’s activities in the world arena. Based on the accumulated rich experience of cooperation, this traditional dialogue expands, focusing on the issues of global importance.

A number of articles are dedicated to innovations in multilateral preventive diplomacy of neutral Turkmenistan, which also analyze the accumulated experience and modern foreign-policy strategy of our country that vividly testifies to the ever-growing importance and maintenance of the institution of neutrality in the system of international relations of the third millennium.

One of the articles of the publication examines the phenomenon of the Turkmen model of permanent positive neutrality. Readers will be able to take a short excursion into history by familiarizing themselves with archival data on the role of diplomacy in the State of the Great Seljuks.

Among other relevant issues raised on the pages of this issue are the improvement of the education system and the transition to a digital platform. The importance of the Concept for the development of the digital education system, aimed at creating informational educational environment, enriching the intellectual potential of society, learning foreign languages, improving the quality of teaching, is emphasized.

A separate article of the scientific-theoretical journal “Politics and Society” is devoted to the analysis of environmental policy and efficient use of natural resources in Turkmenistan. According to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, today the Motherland is one of the rapidly developing states of the planet.

The issue is completed with colorful illustrations that allow you to get acquainted with the present day of our cities and villages, achievements in the economy, culture, sports and tourism industry.