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Construction products labeled “Made in Turkmenistan” are exported
11 Feb
Construction products labeled “Made in Turkmenistan” are exported

Under the wise leadership of the respected President in the era of happiness of our sovereign state, our homeland Turkmenistan rises to new heights of development in all sectors. The number of industrial, cultural and social facilities built and commissioned is increasing in our country. And these are the signs that our economy has great opportunities. Improving the housing and social conditions of our people is a guarantee of this.

Our country’s entrepreneurs, guided by the national leader’s doctrine of “State for the People”, participate with great interest in the construction of facilities aimed at improving the social conditions of the people. They show their activity in the courageous implementation of the reforms of the transformations deployed in our country. 

Under the leadership of the respected President in our country entrepreneurship is developing, the doors to market relations are opening wide, the number of owners is increasing and competition between them is intensifying. The Turkmen businessmen for a short period of time have accumulated a rich experience of ways of development of national entrepreneurship. 

Individual enterprise “Lalezar Zaman” has begun its activities in 2012 in the city of Bayramaly, Mary region, and specializes in the production of several types of plastic products. Currently, this enterprise produces: 

- More than 300 kinds of PVC suspended ceiling profiles;

- 5 kinds of suspended profiles skirting boards;

- 2 and 3 line curtain rails;

- plastic cable carriers in 6 formats.

This company employs several young professionals, they use the latest technology and produce high quality products, thus satisfying the desires of customers.

Individual enterprise “Lalezar Zaman” also exports its products to several foreign countries. The company expands its business relations with local and foreign customers who wish to purchase their products. 

And also, the company in 2021 declared as the “Year of International Peace and Trust” will more expand relations with its regular customers Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and other neighboring countries.