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Turkmen entrepreneurs are rapidly developing the fruit and vegetable industry
8 Feb
Turkmen entrepreneurs are rapidly developing the fruit and vegetable industry

The development of the fruit and vegetable industry, an increase in the production of vegetables and fruits and a significant increase in the export of these products, diversified by assortment, are one of the important components of the activities of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, and, as a result, the export of fruits and vegetables to Turkmenistan has increased.

The export direction of vegetables and fruits is increasing every year, and the export of high-quality tomatoes to foreign markets is increasing in accordance with the requirements of foreign countries. Tomato export growth is explained by the fact that many Turkmen farms grow it all year round, outdoors in summer and in greenhouses during the cold season.

Turkmen entrepreneurs Halmammed Amanmammedov, Merdan Akmuradov, Amanmukhammet Gurbankuliev, the economic society “Sähetli türkmen” in Serdar, the private enterprise “Seljukly ýigitler” grow a variety of fruitful varieties of tomatoes, including the widely popular in the world cherry tomatoes (bandita) , marvelancer, (marvellance) they are working very diligently to increase food production through the development of new lands, expanding fields for orchards and vineyards, and increasing greenhouses. This creates conditions for the development of the local market and the growth of exports.

The favorable conditions created by the state, with the support of our esteemed President for the development of private business, increase the economic potential of the Independent Neutral Turkmen state with confidence in the future of the entrepreneurs of our country.