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Exports of liquefied gas produced in Turkmenistan are growing
22 Feb
Exports of liquefied gas produced in Turkmenistan are growing

Diversification of the national economy has a positive effect on expanding the role of our independent state in the world market. As a result, the number of countries importing our national products is increasing, among them the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

As you know, the diversification of the economy is carried out in three directions. The first is to change the types of industries and products. These include the chemical and petrochemical industry, the building materials industry and the agro-industrial sector. Secondly, the task was set to expand the export potential of the economy. Third, expand the export of natural gas to the world market.

Today Turkmenistan is the world's largest exporter of raw materials and finished products. The introduction of industrial processing of raw materials allows you to increase revenue. Along with other products, the export of liquefied gas produced in Turkmenistan is growing. The neighboring state of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is in high demand for this type of product. The Government and people of Afghanistan are grateful for the timely delivery of this essential product.