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Economic association "Beg Yupek" presents multifilament yarn
5 Mar
Economic association "Beg Yupek" presents multifilament yarn

Established in 2019, Beg Yupek was one of the first in Turkmenistan to launch the production of PP BCF (multi-strand) polypropylene yarn in 2019 using the equipment of the German brand “Oerlikon-Neumag”.

Despite the fact that the company is young, it employs highly qualified specialists in their field. The company manufactures polypropylene yarn necessary for the production of carpets, using domestic raw materials.

The goal of the enterprise is to increase production capacity, expand the range of products, establish cooperation with leading foreign enterprises, actively use modern technologies and provide affordable and high-quality products in accordance with the needs of customers.

The company strives to bring polypropylene yarn to the domestic and foreign markets. Currently, 120 tons of BCF (multifilament) yarn per month is produced on a production area of 2000 m2, which is exported to Turkey and Uzbekistan.