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Rich natural resources and export potential of Turkmenistan
9 Mar
Rich natural resources and export potential of Turkmenistan

The chemical and polymer industry of Turkmenistan demonstrates impressive dynamics of development. As the Distinguished President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized, the main goal of the energy policy of Turkmenistan is to make more efficient use of abundant natural resources, build up production and scientific and technical capabilities to ensure sustainable development of the oil and gas complex, and increase the export potential of the national economy.

Turkmenistan has become one of the largest suppliers of polyethylene and polypropylene. An important milestone in the development of the infrastructure of the polymer industry in Turkmenistan was the commissioning of a unique gas chemical complex in the village of Kiyanly in the Balkan velayat, designed to process 5 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year and produce 386 thousand tons of high-density polyethylene, 81 thousand tons of polypropylene and other products, most which is export-oriented. The products of the gas chemical complex in Kiyanly immediately aroused great interest among representatives of Russian business circles.

In our country, the production of polymers and polyethylene is also increasing, in which the private sector actively participates, for example, entrepreneur Muradov Guizpolat, FE Türkmendemir enjamlaşdyrma.

Basically, entrepreneurs of the Russian Federation purchase these high-density products intended for the manufacture of pipes used for transporting water and gas, as well as for injection molding of household and technical items.

It was this fact that led to the rapid growth in exports of polyethylene and polypropylene to the Russian Federation and Turkey.