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Turkmenistan's export capacity is growing
19 Mar
Turkmenistan's export capacity is growing

Under the wise leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, in accordance with the Program of the country's socio-economic development for 2019-2025, the national economy is developing and expanding its economy through the modernization and development of sectors of the national economy, the development of market relations, and private entrepreneurship.

Products from natural raw materials and agricultural crops grown on the fertile land of the Turkmen people are also exported and are in great demand in world markets. An example of this is the export of cake from Turkmen cotton.

From the customs post “Diyarbakir” of the customs office of the Dashoguz velayat, entrepreneurs export cake from Turkmen cotton produced at the plant of the agricultural joint-stock company named after Sadulla Rozmetov, which have established partnerships with foreign countries, especially with the state of Uzbekistan.