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Entrepreneurs' contribution to private sector development
30 Mar
Entrepreneurs' contribution to private sector development

During the period of prosperity of our sovereign state, under the wise leadership of our Respected President, our Independent Neutral State is confidently moving forward along the path of development and change. Our Motherland is developing rapidly in the economic, cultural and other spheres. The thoughtful economic policy of the Turkmen Leader and the fundamental reforms initiated by him induce Turkmenistan to become one of the developed countries of the world.

Following the instructions of the President, our entrepreneurs are achieving good results in the production of competitive products. The production of export-substituting products is also growing. All this plays an important role in the development of our independent state.

Entrepreneurs of the Mary velayat have made a significant contribution to the economic development of our state. The private sector of the velayat achieves good results in the development of consumer goods and an abundance of products. An example of this is the work of the entrepreneurs of the private enterprise “Üç nesile dowamat”. The private enterprise, which began operations in November 2018, employs 150 people. The modern equipment installed here allows large-scale production of polypropylene products that are in great demand.

The company produces high-quality polypropylene fabrics and polypropylene bags and sends them to consumers. Polypropylene products manufactured here are in great demand in different parts of the country. Entrepreneurs who have been able to bring their production to a higher level are also successfully exporting their products abroad. The company exports its products to the Republic of Turkey, the countries of Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Employees of the private enterprise “Üç nesile dowamat” currently produce 20,000 meters of polypropylene products per day. They plan to expand production in order to increase this figure in the future.