Ashgabat 140 years: International center of peace, trust and cooperation
2 Apr
Ashgabat 140 years: International center of peace, trust and cooperation

For the years of independence, white-marble capital of our Motherland, Ashgabat, which marks its 140th anniversary this year, has been a place of international forums, which agenda included current modern issues, for many times. This is another evidence of high authority of our country in the world arena, wide support of foreign course, which is based on the principles of positive neutrality, peace and good neighborliness.

Today, number of specialized agencies and establishments of the United Nations such as the UN Development Program, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNICEF, World Health Organization, Office on Drugs and Crime, the UN Population Fund, International Migration Organization and other work in Ashgabat on permanent base.

Opening of the UN Regional Center of Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia in 2007 was a remarkable event in the history of bilateral cooperation.

Today, cooperation of Turkmenistan with competent organizations includes almost all main spheres – from provision of security to gender equality, from ecological problems to the protection of migrants’ rights. International forums, which agenda included current modern issues, have been held in Ashgabat under the UN aegis. It includes International Conference of Central Asia and Caspian Basin States on Disarmament, High-level Dialog Between the UN and Central Asia on implementation of the UN Global Counterterrorism Strategy, International Conference “Reliable and Stable Transit of Energy Carriers and its Role in Provision of Sustainable Development and International Cooperation”, Global Conference for Sustainable Transport, Conference of the Regional Economic Cooperation for Afghanistan (RECCA II) and other.

Neutral status gives favorable opportunities to Turkmenistan for participation of international humanitarian activity, in particular, in provision of assistance to refugees and stateless people. Being a permanent member of the Executive Committee of the UN Higher Commissioner’s Program for refugees and members of International Migration Organization, our country makes significant input to the solution of this complicated global problem. It was reflected in International Conference “Refugees in Muslim World” and International Conference for Migration and Stateless held in Ashgabat.

Cooperation of Turkmenistan with Asian Pacific and Middle East states have been activated recently. Multidimensional dialog is developed with the European Union on constructive basis. This is indicated by dozens of implemented and current joint projects and programs in education, environmental protection, economic, water management, public democratization and human rights spheres. In this aspect, an important role is given to the European Union Representative Office in Turkmenistan opened in Ashgabat in 2019, which is to give an impulse, more active and efficient character to the development of cooperation and to support successful realization of the EU new strategy for Central Asia in general. Development of relations with the Commonwealth of Independent States countries is one of the directions of foreign course, Ashgabat has repeatedly hosted the CIS meetings and forums including the session of the heads of the states and prime ministers of the Commonwealth.

Targeted efforts are put for creation of common economic and humanitarian space of the state members of the Economic Cooperation Organization, in which Turkmenistan took over the chairing this this year.

It is planned to organize International high-level conference dedicated to the strengthening of multilateral cooperation for achievement of global peace and trust, security and sustainable development in Ashgabat this year, which is marked with the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence. VI Summit of the Heads of the Caspian States, XV Summit of the Economic Cooperation organization, other international forums and conferences with participations of foreign delegations will also be held.