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Individual Enterprise "Arkadash Gurlushyk" offers its products
16 Apr
Individual Enterprise "Arkadash Gurlushyk" offers its products

Under the wise leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, in accordance with the Program of the country's socio-economic development for 2019-2025, a lot of systematic work is being carried out to modernize and develop sectors of the national economy, increase market competitiveness, develop private entrepreneurship, increase the competitiveness of the national economy and export potential. As a result of large-scale work on import substitution, intensification of agriculture, the development of processing industries and the creation of new industrial areas for the economy, the list of competitive products manufactured in the country is increasing day by day.

Thus, Individual Enterprise "Arkadash Gurlushyk", located in the Ak-Bugday region of the Akhal velayat, produces several types of high-quality plastic and polyethylene products from domestic raw materials.

The monthly production capacity of the enterprise is 100,000 plastic buckets, bowls, baskets, and a plastic pipe with a diameter of 110mm and 160mm is 100,000 meters. Also, the enterprise monthly produces 500 tons of plastic bags, and polyethylene roll films and 30 cm of plastic films - 200 tons of each type. The company's products are distinguished by their availability, high quality and environmental safety.