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«Single Window»: new perspectives
22 Apr
«Single Window»: new perspectives

Thanks to the efforts of our President, the digital system, which contributes to the innovative development of the modern economy, is regularly implemented in all ministries and departments of our country. The State Customs Service of Turkmenistan is also carrying out the systematic implementation of the digital system and the effective use of its capabilities.

One of such projects for the implementation of a digital system is the Project document "Single for Export-Import Operations" for 2021-2023 years, signed between the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan and the United Nations Development Program.

Currently, within the framework of the Project document aimed at implementation the “Single Window” system, large-scale works are being carried out on digitalization licenses and other permitting documents issued by ministries and departments that regulate the export-import operations in our country, as well as on facilitation better document management and their interdepartmental exchange.

The "Single Window" system will allow participants of foreign economic activity to obtain licenses and other permitting documents on a single digital platform, without having to travel to various institutions to collect them.

Also, the system will create conditions for the expansion of foreign trade of our country and will raise the business and financial rating of Turkmenistan to an even higher level in the international arena.