Park, fountain and sculptural complexes - shining pearls in the necklace of the capital
30 Apr
Park, fountain and sculptural complexes - shining pearls in the necklace of the capital

The parks and fountains of Ashgabat, which is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year, are not just a decoration of our white marble capital. These are its green and watery "decorations" that complement the aesthetics of the urban space with its architectural landscapes. They have become an important direction in the development of the capital both from the point of view of the social environment, as places for recreation and walking, and in the ecological aspect, as elements that form a mild, favorable microclimate.

Ashgabat has every reason to once again enter the Guinness Book of Records - as the capital, where the largest number of fountains per capita is concentrated. One of his fountain-sculptural complexes - "Oguzkhan" - is already included in this publication as the largest concentration of water jets in a public place.

At all seasons and days, fountains serve as a "precious" inlay of picturesque views of the capital, but especially in the evening, when their jets shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow in the rays of illumination, like marvelous treasures.

Together with parks and landscape design, they constitute real urban art, the art of giving artistic meaning to public spaces.

In the modern era, Ashgabat has radically changed its artistic and aesthetic appearance. New parks and green areas have appeared here, creating harmony between man and space, many sculptural monuments, steles, monuments have been erected, which have become bright touches of its beautiful appearance, ideological and semantic images in the city panorama.

One of the favorite places for recreation of the residents of the capital is the Ylham Park, which in translation from Turkmen means “inspiration”. It is difficult to find a word more consonant with the high creative spirit of the present era.

This, a kind of historical and art museum in the open air, unites more than forty sculptures; numerous water cascades that create a unique atmosphere give it a special charm.

Ashgabat expands its borders and becomes more beautiful, more comfortable for life, work and rest, cleaner and greener. Man-made forests are already growing around the city, which are replenished with new plantings every year. And in honor of the 30th anniversary of the country's independence, 30 million trees will be planted this year under the motto "Turkmenistan - Homeland of Peace and Trust"!

We are justly proud of the beauty of Ashgabat, our beautiful capital, the pearl necklace of which has become and will remain for centuries modern park, fountain and sculptural complexes.