Turkmen leader gives food donation in memory of Myalikguly Berdimuhamedov
28 May
Turkmen leader gives food donation in memory of Myalikguly Berdimuhamedov

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave food donation on occasion of the fortieth day after the death of his father Myalikguly Berdimuhamedov in Hezreti Omar Mosque in Mir 7 district.

The head of the state highlights “The life lived by my father was a big school for me, his moral performance is an ideal for me and university of my life”.

…Upon arrival to the mosque, the head of the state went to the place of the commemorative ceremony and proceeded to special place.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov entered the mosque. The Mufti of Turkmenistan has read a prayer in memory of dear father of the President Myalikguly aga asking the Almighty for his soul to rest in peace.

After the prayer, the head of the state went to the place for food donation ceremonies. As per centuries-old tradition, special prayer was read in memory of deceased.

The mufti of Turkmenistan read prayer to the Almighty, after which the meal was served to the guests. After the meal, the prayers on the rest of the soul of dedicated son of the Motherland Myalikguly Berdimuhamedov were read.

After the head of Turkmen state addressed all participants with words: “Let the Almighty accept the prayers!” and shared the memories of his father.

The life of my father was a school for me. He could find a way from any situation, the head of the state highlighted.

He was very cheerful person. When my grandfather Berdymuhamed-aga went to war, my father was eleven. Even in those hard times, the father gave hope to the people for victory and better days. Having reminded about poem “Let’s sow plenty of grain!”, the head of the state noted that it was published in local newspaper «Ýagty ýol» of former Kirov district.

Continuing, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said that each family has its own traditions. Their family tradition was to gather together and celebrate parent’s birthdays. In this regard, Turkmen leader has recollected the moment of preparation to the celebration of the 80th birthday of Myalikguly-aga when the sisters asked about what to present to the father.

The head of the state noted that his father was very energetic and cheerful person who was inspired by poetry and art. Therefore, Turkmen leader said, I proposed one of us to read a poem while other performed music and song. The idea was supported and we started to prepare.

Time goes fast. The birthday has come, congratulations on the 80th anniversary started to come.

The President said that he has a younger sister who is named after their grandmother Durdynabat, that is why everybody call her Enegul.

When her turn to congratulate the father has come, she said excitedly: “Dad, I am sorry, I didn’t have time to write a poem, and event when I tired I couldn’t make what I wanted”. 

The father smiled and answered: “Try to express your wishes, everything what you have in your heart with your own words. And after we will try to make it in verses”. Everybody was listening with big attention and father immediately make her thoughts in verses. We all liked this poem a lot.

The head of the state said that memory of his father will always remain in his heart.

If a child in a tree, the parents are roots. The shade and fruits of the tree depend on its roots. If a child is a river, the parents are the source. 

Cleanliness and transparency of the river depend on the source, the President of Turkmenistan noted.

Having expressed gratitude to the participants for participation in commemorative food donation, the head of the state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the participants with words “Let the Almighty accept the prayers about the memory of my father Myalikguly-aga, who defended the Motherland like the apple of his eye, each part of which he thought was sacred one! Let his soul rest in peace in heaven!”

After the prayer, the President has left the place of event.