President of Turkmenistan visited scientific-clinical center for Maternal and Child health
2 Jun
President of Turkmenistan visited scientific-clinical center for Maternal and Child health

On June 1st, esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in a solemn event dedicated to the International Day for the Protection of Children at the Scientific and Clinical Center for Maternal and Child Health in the center of the capital city. First of all, the Turkmen leader, together with head of the United Nations Children’s Fund's representative office in Turkmenistan Weigand, took interest in the work of the children's development and early rehabilitation department of the center.

As the doctor noted, the toys available in the department are designed to strengthen the whole body system of children.

The Turkmen leader had a talk with the children who were undergoing treatment and their mothers and asked about their condition and the treatment effect.

The mothers of the children being treated in the center noted with great pride that the babies had said their first words having seen our esteemed President.

Then the esteemed President visited another of the treatment rooms of the center.

The doctor expressed gratitude to the esteemed President for creating the necessary conditions for the effective treatment.

The head of state took interest in the health of the child being treated in the center, the medical services provided and the effect thereof.

The esteemed President then visited a room with equipment designed for the early development of children, their health checking and diseases diagnosing, and the provision of appropriate treatment.

The doctor of the center spoke about the conditions created here, the treatment procedures for children and expressed gratitude to the esteemed President on behalf of all healthcare workers for all the opportunities created in the sector.

Then the esteemed President visited another of the treatment rooms in the center.

The esteemed President had a talk with the children being treated in the room inspected and their mothers and wished them a speedy recovery. Specialized tests are also being conducted to monitor and completely diagnose children suspected of endocrine. Having spoken to the teenager who was undergoing treatment, the esteemed President asked him about his health and the supply of medicines he needed. The mother of the young boy thanked the esteemed President for the treatment provided and the results of his son’s medical care.

The esteemed President said that the fund set up to help children in need has all the necessary conditions to provide the advantage of the charity benefits, and that it was always ready to support those in need.

The Minister of Health and Medical Industry of our country informed that there is a sufficient amount of medicines that are currently needed by such patients and considered to be the most effective in the world, and showed them to the esteemed President.

Noting that comprehensive reforms are carried out in the country to support the family, protect the health of the mother and child, educate and train the younger generation, and further work will be carried out in this regard, the head of state said that all necessary efforts would be made by the state in this reagrd.

Children undergoing treatment at the center received gifts from the esteemed President. The children expressed their sincere gratitude to the National Leader for the care.

Then the esteemed President had a meeting with Head of the United Nations Children’s Fund in Turkmenistan Weigand. It was noted that the work on prevention of various diseases in Turkmenistan was yielding positive results.

Expressing gratitude to the esteemed President for his trust, Ms Weigand said that development of cooperation was especially important in terms of sharing experience and ensuring the effective nature of the medical services provided.

Then the esteemed President held a meeting on the occasion of the International Day for the Protection of Children in the conference hall of the Center.

Addressing the participants, the head of state heartily congratulated everyone on the International Day for the Protection of Children. International Children’s Day is widely celebrated as a clear symbol of our state’s adherence to the basic United Nations principles on children’s rights and interests, and its constant concern for the younger generation.

Emphasizing the importance of this occasion in public life, the esteemed President specified that in order to further improve the work of pre-school institutions in the country last year, the Programs for improving the work of pre-school institutions to ensure the early childhood development and enhanced pre-school preparation in Turkmenistan 2020-2025 was adopted.

Within a short period of time, children’s recreation and health centers, modern kindergartens and secondary schools were built and put into operation in Ashgabat and the regions, in the beautiful valleys of the Kopetdag, the coral coast of the Caspian Sea, which are the most healing sites in the country. Emphasizing that the protection of maternal and child health is one of the main priorities of the state policy, the esteemed President noted that it was expedient to develop the National Strategy “Healthy Mother - Healthy Child - Healthy Future” and the Action Plan for its Implementation. Introducing and monitoring the digital system is one of the most important objectives, the Turkmen leader said.

We will provide preventive vaccinations among children in the future, including further vaccination against the papilloma virus among 9-year-old boys and girls. Efficient cooperation with as international organizations as well as leading clinics in the world to diagnose diabetes, chronic hearing impairment, eye, mouth, nose and throat, musculoskeletal system diseases, preventing the development of childhood obesity, including joint researches with scientists from the Federal Republic of Germany are among the most important challenges facing health care professionals. In this regard, it is necessary to carry out planned work with the participation of foreign experts in the the fields of prevention, early detection and effective treatment of diseases, the head of state said.

According to the esteemed President, in accordance with the “National Strategy for Early Childhood Development in Turkmenistan for 2020-2025”, the work on the provision of high-quality services with regard to health care, healthy nutrition, pre-school education, which is necessary for the early development of the child, is also successfully carried out. Particular attention is paid to developing cooperation in various fields with world countries, major international and regional organizations. Protecting the health of young citizens, educating them on the basis of the moral and democratic standards of humanity, and protecting the interests and rights of women and children are important areas of this cooperation.

In our country, great achievements have been made in fortification of salt with iodine, flour with iron and folic acid. Turkmenistan has been elected a member of the United Nations Children’s Fund Executive Council for 2018–2020, and the Commission on Women’s Rights for 2018–2022. The head of state also noted that a decision had been taken to build an Akhal Velayat Children’s Center at the new modern administrative center of Akhal velayat.

A Humanitarian Fund has been set up for the children in need of help to provide social protection to young children, as well as children abandoned by their parents and those who are mentally and physically disabled. It is planned to provide regular assistance to children with disabilities by the Humanitarian Fund.

“Our main goal is to ensure that young people who are the bright future of our country live a happy life, to get modern education, are educated in the spirit of patriotism and humanity, which is a strong guarantee of the strength and prosperity of our country, the leader of the nation said.

The floor was then given to Ms. Christine Weygan, Head of the United Nations Children's Fund's Country Office. She thanked the Esteemed President for the opportunity to participate in this important event on the occasion of the International Day for the Protection of Children and for the opportunity to celebrate this holiday at the Scientific and Clinical Center for Maternal and Child Health.

Child health and well-being form the basis of UNICEF's close cooperation with Turkmenistan's Ministry of Health and Medical Industry in Turkmenistan. All departments of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan are making every effort to improve the system of support for young children with neonatal screening and hearing, Ms. Weigand said.

The Head of the Children's Fund reiterated the importance of the UN Convention on the Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of Children, and noted that UNICEF's cooperation with Turkmenistan in the field of education has been significantly expanded as part of the new five-year program. In conclusion, Ms. Weigand thanked the Esteemed President for support of the important work carried out in Turkmenistan for the future of every child and congratulated all the children of Turkmenistan on the International Day for the Protection of Children.

Having thanked Ms Weigan for her deeply meaningful speech, the esteemed President gave the floor to Minister of Health and Medical Industry of our country Amanepesov.

According to Amannepesov, a greatdeal of work has been done in our country under the long-term Program of the President of Turkmenistan for Socio-Economic Development of the Country for 2019-2025 and the revised version of the state program “Health” to ensure improving maternal and child healthcare, women’s reproductive health and significantly enhancing the family culture.

Then Minister of Education Gurbanov spoke, informing that as a result of the fundamental reforms being implemented in the national education system on the initiative of the esteemed President, ample opportunities have been created for the happy physical and spiritual upbringing, education, fun, leisure and good recreation of our happy generation.

Continuing the meeting, the esteemed President emphasized that the achievements of modern science should be used effectively in addressing the problems of education and health of generations, and that issues related to hygiene, ecology and healthy nutrition should be kept in focus in our country.

The esteemed President emphasized that the issues of improving the functioning of the national education system in our country in line with the requirements of the times and international standards and the successful implementation of the reform program in this area should be comprehensively monitored. In this regard, the education of the younger generation should be carried out on a comprehensive basis and important attention should be paid to the implementation of the world’s best practices in this regard, the esteemed President said, giving specific instructions to the relevant authorities.

Then the esteemed President addressed the meeting participants.

Continuing the meeting, the Esteemed President emphasized that Turkmenistan pays special attention to creating favorable conditions for the comprehensive development of the younger generation.

A 12-year work plan has now been drawn up for the years 2021-2025 within the framework of the United Nations Children's Fund's Country Program for Turkmenistan. Those plans are being implemented in close cooperation with the relevant ministries and departments.

Maternal and Child Protection System receives tremendous support in Turkmenistan, said the Turkmen leader. I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm Turkmenistan's commitment to the protection of children's rights and its strong commitment to further cooperation with UNICEF for the bright future of development around the world" the Esteemed President said.

The head of state thanked Ms. Kristin Weýgand for her joint efforts with the UNICEF team and for their close cooperation with the Government of Turkmenistan.

At the end of his speech, the Turkmen leader cordially congratulated everyone on the International Day for the Protection of Children and wished them sound health, family well-being, a peaceful and happy life and the prosperity of our powerful state.

"May the happy laughter of our happy generation always be heard from above!" said the Esteemed President.

The esteemed President cordially parted with the meeting participants and left the venue.