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The range of goods exported from Turkmenistan is expanding
4 Jun
The range of goods exported from Turkmenistan is expanding

With the approval of state programs for import substitution and increasing the export of domestic products, an increase in exported goods is observed in Turkmenistan. The implementation of these programs ensured the dynamic development of the industrial complex, new opportunities and conditions are being created for industrialists and entrepreneurs. A scientific approach is taken to improve exported goods and create new types. Positive results were achieved through work on replacing industrial, household and food products with local ones. The aforesaid is convincingly illustrated by the positive dynamics of indicators of goods registered under the export customs regime in the area of activity of the Akhal Velat customs, produced by individual enterprise (IE) M. Orazov.

IE is engaged in multidimensional production. Products are produced under the MONA trademark, the range of products is expanding more and more, these are wet and dry hand wipes, toilet paper, liquid soaps, detergents, shampoos, shower gels, washing powders and much more.

The customs authorities, whose main tasks are to protect the economic security of the state, promote the development of foreign trade and the national economy of Turkmenistan, is doing a lot to simplify customs procedures in order to create conditions for the rapid movement of goods across the customs borders of the country. Much attention is paid to the digitalization of customs procedures and strengthening the capacity of customs authorities.

Ahal velayat customs does not remain on the sidelines and on an ongoing basis carries out work to modernize and improve the relevant customs authorities.