4 Jun

On June 3, on the occasion of World Bicycle Day, Esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in a mass bicycle ride. World Bicycle Day, established by the Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly on the initiative of the Esteemed President, has been widely celebrated in our country.

With the launch of the mass bicycle ride by the Esteemed President, all its participants began to act in unison. Healthy and active lifestyle principles help the people to fully realize and implement their potential. Our esteemed President confirms it by his personal example and inspires our compatriots, especially our youth, to great goals. As a result of the far-sighted state strategy implemented under the leadership of the Esteemed President, the physical education and sports movement are widely popularized in Turkmenistan at present period.

The participants of the bicycle ride included children raised in the Döwletliler Palace who controlled the bicycles presented by the Esteemed President.

During the bicycle ride, the Esteemed President noted the necessity of keeping the issues on improvement of ecology of the city and turning of it into a blossoming garden, keeping of parks, which are the most visited places of citizens and guests of Ashgabat, in the normal condition, and further increasing of social level of cities of the country under the strict control, giving concrete instructions to Cabinet Deputy Chairman Durdylyyev, who supervises Ashgabat, and khyakim of Ashgabat city Gylyjov on further ensuring the ecological well-being of the capital.

The adoption of the United Nations resolution declaring June 3 as World Bicycle Day in 2018 testifies to the importance of the initiative put forward by the esteemed President.

The bicycle building, which has become a unique attraction of our capital, has become a clear symbol of this holiday. In this wonderful building, the rich history of our dear people and its great achievements in the new era, the peace-loving policy based on the permanent Neutrality Policy of our country, the caravan of cyclists in multi-colored sports uniforms continued on the wide streets of Ashgabat.

The Esteemed President finished the bicycle ride at the Government building. Masterfully overcoming the distance, the Leader of the Nation once again demonstrated how much systematic physical education and sports mean for physical health and all-round improvement of a person.

Continuing the movement, the participants of the mass bicycle ride proceeded to the Ashgabat Monument, located along Magtymguly Avenue. The bicycle ride timed to World Bicycle Day was finished at the Ashgabat monument.

Thus, the celebration of World Bicycle Day once again became a clear manifestation of the unity of our society, the commitment of the people of Turkmenistan to the humanitarian values based on the state policy of our national leader. Under the wise leadership of the Esteemed President, our Independent, permanently Neutral Homeland is confidently advancing towards new creative goals and high heights.