The leader of the nation took part in the stone-laying ceremony and the opening of new projects in Balkan region
15 Jul
The leader of the nation took part in the stone-laying ceremony and the opening of new projects in Balkan region

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has made a working trip to Balkan region where he took part in the stone-laying ceremony of the new International airport in the settlement of Jebel and also in celebrations on the occasion of the opening of the building «Türkmeniň ak öýi» in the regional centre - the city of Balkanabat.

From the International airport of Ashkhabad the leader of the nation by the helicopter headed towards the site of the future project of transport infrastructure.

After the arrival by helicopter in the settlement of Jebel, to the place of the stone-laying of the new airport, the leader of the nation was welcomed with huge enthusiasm by participants of the ceremony.

Bright colour in the celebration palette was introduced by inspired performance of masters of arts.

And here today we in solemn conditions in the settlement of Jebel of Balkan province we lay a foundation for the new international aerostation complex with a capacity of 100 passengers an hour, the head of the state continued his word. The building of the given complex which contractor will be defined on the basis of the tender is financed at the expense of the Credit agreement concluded between the Government of our country and Fund of Development of Abu-Dhabi. It is a bright acknowledgement of success of close mutually beneficial economic relations of neutral Turkmenistan with foreign countries, its high international authority as reliable partner.

The total area of the new airport where will work about two hundred employees, will make up 275 hectares. According to the project, the complex includes a number of objects, including passenger and cargo terminals, control office, a building of rescue and fire service. There will be also constructed a modern artificial runway by extent of 3 thousand 200 metres, taxiways and the parking intended for six aircrafts and four helicopters.

The complex structure will include a specialised airdrome and objects of land service of air liners, all 15 basic constructions will be erected. For land service of planes it is provided to supply the new airport with 45 kinds of special equipment.

Thus, in three years on this place the modern airport will be constructed. Various aircrafts will take off and land here. As President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov underlined, we lay a stone of a new complex of the international airport today, foundation of which will be of great importance in strengthening of material base of domestic civil aircraft. It is urged to play an important role in escalating of volumes passenger and goods traffics by air transport, the further economic development of the country, rendering to the people of the services which are meeting the requirements of time.

As the head of the state noted further, today in the regional centre - the city of Balkanabat - in solemn conditions will be opened the modern building «Türkmeniň ak öýi» and a premise for the sadaka for 3 thousand persons.

Developing further on the topic the leader of the nation reminded the poetic verses Bayram-shakhyr which have become the famous song reflecting love to the fertile land and nature of Balkan:

«Daglaryna diýrler Balkan,

Müňkürdir oňa at dakan,

Gyşy geçip, ýaza ýakyn,

Nurlar döker bulutlary ».

As the talented poet said, during the independence epoch the natural shape of the ancient Balkan Mountains become more wonderful. The building «Türkmeniň ak öýi», erected in Balkanabat and harmoniously combined with the mountain landscape, gives to local places a special colour, the head of the state noted.

As known, the Balkan land – a small native land of Dovletmammet Azadi, Mahtumkuli Fragi, Gurbandurdy Zelili, Bayram-shakhyr, many thinkers and classics of literature.

- Let these fine buildings become our eternal gift to the succeeding generations, - the leader of the nation said at the end of his speech.

Here the attention of the state head and participants of the ceremony was drawn by the video clip, allowing getting a visual evidence of the new International airport which will be constructed in the settlement of Jebel, its basic characteristics.

Then representatives of the growing generation addressed the leader of the nation with the request to give blessing to the beginning of work on erection of the air harbour and to make memorable record which is located in a special capsule.

By an established noble tradition, under the storm of applause of the gathered President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave a symbolical start to the building, having put the first shovels of concrete in the foundation of the new airport.

Respected representatives of the elder generation and other participants of the celebration followed the example of the head of the state.

The leader of the nation had a talk with children, having taken an interest how they spend summer holidays. In the answer children expressed the Arkadag-president their warm gratitude for creation of all conditions for good rest.

Then the head of the state got photographed for memory with young Turkmen nationals and representatives of the elder generation.

On completion of the ceremony, the leader of the nation headed by car towards Balkanabat to the opening ceremony venue of «Türkmeniň ak öýi».

On his way the President of Turkmenistan stopped off at the city centre for emergency first aid.

On the square before the medical institution the head of the state was welcomed warmly by workers of public health services.

Having noticed that the all-round care of people health, and especially growing generation, is an invariable priority of the state policy of Turkmenistan, the leader of the nation informed on the decision to allocate from the recently created Welfare Fund for assistance to children named after Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov 10 new ambulance cars needing guardianship for paediatric branches of hospitals of districts and cities of the region.

Here the head of the state has handed to the Minister of Health and Medical Industry keys to new special vehicles equipped with modern profile technologies.

Having had a talk with doctors, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed confidence that new ambulance cars will be a good support in their work.

Having said goodbye to physicians and having wished successes in their noble and responsible activity, the head of the state continued his way, having proceeded to the building constructed in Balkanabat «Türkmeniň ak öýi».

This large social object which has become a new architectural sight of the administrative centre of Balkan region was erected according to corresponding resolution of the leader of the nation, signed in 2018.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov passes to the square in front of the new building where the colourful musical-dramatized performance of united creative ensembles of the seaside region of the country was unfolded.

To the storm of applause of the gathered the head of Turkmenistan together with honourable elders and representatives of the elder generation from five regions and capital cuts a symbolical ribbon. The new magnificent object is opened!

The leader of the nation passes to the building where joyful, sonorous verses of children who also fervently execute the kushtdepdi dance welcome him. The ensemble of national musical instruments here acts.

Having had a talk with children, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took an interest in their views of art. Young actors, having noted that in our country there are necessary possibilities for musical creativity, expressed the head of the state their warm gratitude for created conditions for harmonious development of the growing generation.

On the occasion of the significant event in the building «Türkmeniň ak öýi» the exhibition was set up, allowing getting a clear picture of national arts and crafts and creativity, variety and originality of national crafts.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov familiarised with the design and accomplishment of «Türkmeniň ak öýi» in which shape one can find a harmonious combination of advanced achievements in town-planning and architecture sphere and the best traditions of national architecture, with the conditions created here for actions of various level, festive events.

Nearby elegant yurtas «ak öýi» and a traditional high swing are established.

On completion of acquaintance with the new building the President of Turkmenistan proceeded into the hall where on the occasion of the significant event the concert of workers of art took place.

The inspired literary-musical composition «Magtymguly sözlär tili türkmeniň» opened a celebratory program. Then popular actors and creative ensembles of the country showed their talent in vocal, dancing and folklore art.

Bright, incendiary performance was prepared also by the group of national horse games «Galkynysh» of the Ahalteke horse complex of the President of Turkmenistan. The perfected skill of riding and horsemanship, executions of fascinating acrobatic tricks won for the group a recognition and popularity both in our country and far beyond its limits.

The song “Alkyş aýdýas Arkadaga!” became a powerful finale of the celebration, sounded by all participants of the concert. The high patriotic spirit and emotional rise, reigning this day under the arches of «Türkmeniň ak öýi», became a visible expression of unity of Turkmen people with the national leader, sincere pride of the favourite prospering Native land.

Upon completion of the concert President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made memorable record in the Book of guests of honour.

In commemoration of today's event the head of the state handed as gift to «Türkmeniň ak öýi», constructed in Balkanabat, a new bus intended for creative collectives which will work here.

Then the President of Turkmenistan took part in the festive sadaka. After it the leader of the nation warmly said goodbye to the gathered and left the place of the event.

The same day the head of the state came back to Ashkhabad.

At the International airport of the capital the leader of the nation held the meeting devoted to results of his working trip to Balkan region in which measures on successful fulfilment of tasks, issues of preparation for significant dates were discussed.

At the meeting reports on the actions which have been carried out within the limits of the working trip of the President of Turkmenistan to the western region of the country, and also on organizational preparation for forthcoming international events and festive events were delivered.

Having noted also importance of timely commissioning of objects and their quality maintenance, the leader of the nation, summing up the meeting, wished all successes in realization of the tasks set during his working trip to the seaside region.

Thus, celebrations, held today in Balkan region, have entered a new chapter in historical annals of the prosperous epoch of the powerful state. The stone-laying ceremony and opening of the next significant objects - eloquent acknowledgement of success of progressive state policy realised by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov entirely directed to prosperity of independent neutral Fatherland and wellbeing of its people.