The President of Turkmenistan held an online working meeting
27 Jul
The President of Turkmenistan held an online working meeting

Yesterday, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held an online working meeting with participation of the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet who supervises the agro-industrial complex, and khyakims of regions in which the course of seasonal agricultural activities to grow the generous harvest of cotton, and also preparation for the 30th anniversary of independence of our Fatherland were considered.

The first by direct communication the leader of the nation gave the floor to khyakim of Akhal region Ya. Gurbanov who by the map of districts of the region showed the fields which have been sown with cotton, wheat and other agricultural crops.

The khyakim reported on the state of affairs in the region, care of cotton according to agricultural technical standards, preparation of the fields to sow with grain and vegetables.

It is necessary to prepare high-grade seeds, agricultural machinery and stock for the beginning of wheat sowing in full volume and also to carry out all necessary work for timely completion of planting of potato, vegetables and other agricultural crops in the region.

Having underlined the importance of a strict control over building of the objects of different designations planned to be commissioned on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of independence of our Native land, the leader of the nation gave the khyakim a number of concrete commissions.

Then khyakim of Balkan region T.Atakhallyev by the map of the agricultural fields of districts of the western region reported on their condition and measures carried out, according to agricultural technical standards, wheat sowing on the planned areas. It was informed that the machinery and other equipment which allow optimising process of care of cotton are fully applied.

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pointed out that care of cotton with observance of requirements of agro-technical standards is a pledge of yield of a rich harvest of "white gold”.

Then the online working meeting continued with the report of khyakim of Dashoguz region N.Nazarmyradov. Displaying the map of agricultural areas of districts of the region, the head of region reported on seasonal agro-technical activities in cotton plantations according to the established specifications.

During his report the khyakim reported that with a view of a worthy welcome of the main holiday of the country with high labour victories in all districts of the region complex works on acceleration of construction of the objects dated for this anniversary are intensified.

In turn khyakim of Lebap region Sh.Amangeldiev by the map on which irrigated fields and the agricultural grounds of the eastern region planned to development are marked reported on the on-going seasonal agricultural activities.

The khyakim reported that within the fulfilment of tasks of the National rural development program all necessary things are carried out to welcome the major holiday in the life of the country - the 30th anniversaries of sacred independence with big labour victories.

The leader of the nation underlined that bio-laboratories of the region should develop on a scientific basis, in their work it is necessary to introduce modern technologies and advanced experience.

Further the report of khyakim of Mary region D.Annaberdiev who, having shown on the map location of districts and cultivated fields of the region was listened to and he reported on the activities in cotton fields, vegetative watering, their nourishment with mineral fertilizers, topping, prevention and their protection against pests.

The head of the region informed that preparation of the fields to be sowed with wheat proceeds at the strengthened rates, measures to plant timely winter potato, vegetable and other agricultural crops are undertaken. According to agro-technical standard work on care of the sugar beet fields is carried out.

Further at the digital working meeting Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet E.Orazgeldiev who is on a business trip to Dashoguz region spoke.

The Deputy Chairman reported on the seasonal work carried out to take care of cotton, practical steps on preparation for cotton-picking campaign and sowing of wheat for the next year in the planned terms and with high quality.

It was informed that in rice fields of Dashoguz and Lebap regions and also the areas sowed with winter sugar beet in Balkan and Mary regions, care of these valuable crops is ensured at proper level.

The information that this year 5 thousand hectares of land has been prepared for potato sowing, was also delivered. Along with it necessary measures on sowing of vegetable and other intermediate crops in different corners of the country in the planned agro-technical terms are undertaken.

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov marked the importance of realisation of the planned seasonal agricultural work according to agro-technical standards in agriculture and assigned him to hold under a strict control issues of introduction of advanced experience, high scientific achievements, and creations of all conditions for producers in the sphere.

Among the basic requirements of time increase of productivity of agricultural crops, introduction of crop rotation, application of scientifically well-founded approach and high technologies in combination with the best national experience in the agro-industrial complex act, the head of the state summarised.

As the leader of the nation pointed out, in the year which passes under the motto «Turkmenistan – homeland of peace and trust» and is marked by the anniversary of sacred independence, issues of maintenance of food safety, cultivation of wheat, cotton, vegetable and gourds, increases in volumes of cattle-breeding production should be under a strict control in the country and gave the Deputy Chairman a number of concrete commissions.

Closing the online working meeting, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished all its participants great successes in their work for the sake of prosperity of our country, maintenance of safe and happy life of our people.