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Increasing the energy system capacity
9 Aug
Increasing the energy system capacity

The growth rate of the economy of Turkmenistan is linked to the bulk production of electricity. During independence, our country has accumulated enough resources. The task of generating electricity, which is one of the main needs to ensure the well-being of our people, is not neglected in the Year of “Turkmenistan is the Motherland of peace and trust”. 

Thanks to the efforts of our Esteemed President, the structure of the sector is constantly being supplemented by gas turbine power plants. The power supply system and lighting supply for our capital and other cities and settlements have been significantly improved. Carrying out enormous work in this area allows us to provide large industrial complexes, numerous social facilities with electricity without failures, as well as to supply a certain amount of electricity to neighboring states. In recent years, the increase in the volume of electricity exported by our country has further strengthened the role of our state as a reliable partner in the global economic space in the field of energy.

Only in the case of Lebap region we can see great progress in the system. The electrical installations located on the bank of the Amu Darya have been upgraded to world standards, new power plants and stations have been put into operation, and many more important projects are being implemented. Among the new electric power plants of the region is the power plant “Vatan” with a capacity of 254 megawatts, put into operation in 2016 on the territory of Dovletli district in the eastern part of the region. In addition, a new high-voltage system with a voltage of 220 kW has been built. The system “Serdar-Farap” with a length of 86.5 km has been built. The systems “Farap-Vatan” with a length of 264.6 km and “Pelvert-Kerki” with a length of 125 km work without failures. The system with a length of 388 km has been built between the high-voltage system of Mary State Power Plant and Kerki. Its capacity is equal to 500 kW. The energy installations “Kerki-Andkhoy” with a total length of 62 km, as well as “Kerki” with a capacity of 500/220/110 kW have been built. The state-owned gas turbine power plants “Lebap” with a capacity of 149.2 megawatts in Chardzhou district, “Vatan” with a capacity of 254 megawatts in Dovletli district and an energy station with a capacity of 500 kilowatts in Kerki district are actively operating as part of a single electric system built in a short period of time. These powerful installations provide uninterrupted power supply. The capacity of the energy system in the region is increasing more and more. In November 2018, construction of a 432 megawatt gas turbine power plant near the state-owned power plant “Lebap” located on the territory of Chardzhou district began. The construction of the facility is currently at the final stage. It is expected that the facility will be put into operation on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the country’s Independence. It is carried out jointly by the Japanese companies “Sumitomo Corporation” and “Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems”, as well as the Turkish company “Rönesans Holding”. Three gas turbine installations with a capacity of 144 megawatts each will operate in the main production building of the power plant. In addition to the power units, an administrative building will be built, which will house the main administrative department of the state power plant, a gas distribution station, as well as all the necessary engineering and technical systems. The boundary of the power station is also beautiful. Our national specialists are also actively involved in construction. This facility will be the most powerful among those that were previously put into operation on the territory of the region. Powerful modern power plants, such as “Lebap”, “Vatan” and “Kerki-500”, which have been put into operation in the region in the prosperous period of the Sovereign State, have not only been able to meet the needs of domestic consumers, but also make a significant contribution to increasing electricity exports.

Innovative technologies are regularly introduced into the energy sector of the region. The region’s energy sector has been able to provide the necessary amount of electricity during the launch of new modern production facilities. It is expected that by 2025, the total electricity generation in Turkmenistan will significantly increase and will reach 34.2 billion kW/h. During this period, electricity generation in Lebap region will increase by 1.4 times compared to 2019 and will exceed 3 billion kW/h. Currently, Turkmenistan is actively involved in the integration of a unified energy system of Central Asia and plays an important role in creating additional opportunities for further increase in the volume of supplies of Turkmen electricity to international destinations within the framework of the planned project.