Hero-Arkadag on the paradise horse Akyol strives along the bright path to the holidays
9 Sen
Hero-Arkadag on the paradise horse Akyol strives along the bright path to the holidays

“Paradise” horses are true symbol of our rapidly developing independent Motherland. Nowadays, new opportunities are being created for worthy continuation of the glorious path of the Ahal-Teke horses in the world equestrian sport and full disclosure of their abilities. And in this matter, the services of the Turkmen leader are invaluable.

As President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasizes, our ancestors have always lived in harmony with their native nature, drawing from it physical and spiritual strength, creative inspiration. This is reflected in the everyday life and holidays of the Turkmen people, their wise traditions and customs, rich folklore, wonderful works of art.

As you know, in the days of celebrating the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence, an important place will be given to horse racing and other equestrian sports. This is another evidence of the harmonious combination of the glorious dates of the country's life with the Ahal-Teke horses - the national value of the people.

Currently, the country's confident steps to new heights of progress are compared to the swiftness of a horse. This symbolizes the harmony of good undertakings and national traditions in our Fatherland with the peculiar features of Ahal-Teke horses. This is a clear combination of every moment in the life of a country rushing to new heights with significant events.

The walk of Arkadag-President on the beautiful Akyol horse, whose swift gait symbolizes the well-being and happy life of independent, neutral Turkmenistan and beloved people, inspires the entire Turkmen people to new victories and labor exploits.