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For the 30th anniversary of Independence the economy is moving towards sustainable development
15 Sen
For the 30th anniversary of Independence the economy is moving towards sustainable development

Where the economy prospers, life thrives in all directions. This can also be seen in the example of our Sovereign State. A powerful economy has been formed in Turkmenistan. Our independent country confidently moves forward in accordance with the economic strategy developed by our Esteemed President, celebrates the 30th  anniversary of its Independence with worthy labor gifts. High achievements in all spheres of political, socio-economic and cultural development inscribe proud pages in the new history of our state. Our country maintains an order of sustainable growth, despite the difficulties facing the global economy. The national programs, developed by our national Leader for developing of our compatriots’ life, are now being successfully implemented. 

In the eastern region of our country, in the ancient Lebap region that located along the AmuDarya River, the scope of work expands, contributing to the development of our national economy. Just in recent years, hundreds of large and small objects of national importance have been built and put into operation in the region; the construction of some of them is in full swing. Recently, a 432 MW gas turbine power plant, near the Lebap state power plant located in the Charjev district, was inaugurated and put into operation in November of 2018. The performance of a high-power electric power plant is based on achievements of cutting-edge science and experience. Not long before that, the grand opening of the International Airport took place in Kerki town with the participation of the Honorable President.

The construction of a number of objects in the region that have made a significant contribution to the further rapid growth of the country's economy, which radically changed the life of the population, creates a legitimate sense of pride. The beautiful and powerful railway and road bridges, built over the Amudarya River by the efforts of our Esteemed President, also played an important role in accelerating reforms in the region.

A number of new enterprises are being created at the territory of the region; there are new jobs places appeared. On the right bank of the Amudarya River, construction of the second stage of the Lebap cement plant with a capacity of about 1 million tons of products has begun. This indicates that the export potential of our country will increase again. The construction of private small factories for the production of ceramic tiles, as well as other small and large enterprises, continues.

A system of various enterprises for the production of products required for other planned buildings is also being created in the region. They are equipped advanced manufacturing sciences. The presence of a rich reserve of raw materials in the Koyten region in the eastern part of the region shows that the possibilities for the future development of our economy are very wide. Here we would like to proudly emphasize that thanks to the efforts of our Hero Arkadag, one of the problems of national interest has been successfully resolved, namely, the widespread opportunities for education and professional training of our youth associated with reforms in our economy. The achievements of our state, as our Hero Arkadag says, are closely related to the improvement of the educational and professional level of our youth. On September 1, the High-Distinguished President, at a joint lesson with young people in honor of the start of the new academic year, also noted that education of young people and the acquisition of the necessary skills would ensure the further development of the country and the national economy. Today, thousands of young professionals work in various sectors of the regional economy. This clearly shows that the training of young specialists is also purposefully carried out in accordance with the technological reforms taking place in our national economy. Worldwide advanced manufacturing sciences, introduced in various sectors of the economy of Lebap region, today are also concentrated in the hands of qualified specialists. This proves the correctness of the chosen direction for the further development of the economy.