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Fruit trade: what we buy and sell
23 Dec
Fruit trade: what we buy and sell

Today, the trade networks and markets of Turkmenistan offer a wide range of fruits, both domestic and imported from other countries. First of all, among them are the neighboring countries, in particular, Iran, which is one of the regional and world leaders of the fruit market. There are the citrus fruits and apples from Iran on the New Year’s tables of the residents of Turkmenistan; there fruits are in high demand due to optimum ratio of price and quality.

According to the Iranian mass media, on the eve of New Year the daily export of three autumn fruits: kiwi, tangerine and orange form Mazandara province in the north of Iran to the neighboring countries, especially in Turkmenistan and Russia, has considerably increased. Turkmenistan take place among the largest importers of apple from Iran in the first months of new season.

Besides, our country also increases its export potential in the field of supply of fresh vegetables and fruits to the markets of third countries. The reviewers of EastFruit stated the sensational breakthrough of the greenhouse tomatoes from Turkmenistan to the Russian market. Analyzing the findings of the fruit export by the countries of the Central Asia, they highlight as particularly interesting the results of Turkmenistan, where from an impressive 507 ton of early apple was exported to Russia in the summer period, which is 30% higher than the volume of exports in the same period last year. Recalling that apple prices in Russia in the summer of 2021 were significantly lower than in 2020, they emphasize that the growth in export volumes under these conditions shows the competitiveness of our country.