Rules for using T1/T2 transit module

The State Customs Service of Turkmenistan has been implementing automated customs data system. A T1/T2 transit module of this system started to operate. 
In this regard, the placement of goods and vehicles moving across the customs border of Turkmenistan under the customs procedure of customs transit is carried out through this system.
The activities of customs brokers (representatives) are organized at the internal and border customs posts of Turkmenistan and carriers (forwarders) can use the services of customs brokers (representatives).
According to the customs legislation of Turkmenistan, to obtain a permit for customs transit, the carrier (forwarder) submits to the customs office of departure any commercial, transport (transportation) documents and (or) customs documents containing the following information:
1) name and location of the sender (recipient) of goods;
2) country of departure (country of destination) of the goods;
3) name and location of the carrier of the goods or the forwarder, if the freight forwarder receives permission for customs transit;
4) vehicle in which the goods are transported through the customs territory of Turkmenistan, and when carrying out transportation by road, also on the driver of the vehicle;
5) types or names, quantity, cost of goods, weight or volume, classification codes of goods in accordance with the Harmonized System for the Description and Coding of Goods;
6) the total number of packages;
7) the destination of goods;
8) the planned transshipment of goods or other cargo operations en route;
9) the planned date of transportation of goods;
10) the route if the goods should be transported along certain routes.
In addition, in order to expedite the process of customs clearance, the documents submitted to the customs authorities of Turkmenistan recommend that the Turkmen language also indicate only the information necessary for customs clearance.
In order to strengthen customs control of goods transported through the customs border of Turkmenistan, as well as to ensure the availability of documents regarding the goods which are transported, starting from September 1, 2019 if the customs authority does not submit documents containing all of the above information or documents containing inaccurate information, it will be refused to issue a permit for customs transit for the transport of goods through customs territory of Turkmenistan.