Excise rates

For goods imported into the customs territory of Turkmenistan


Name of product

Excise rates


60% of customs cost, but not less than 5 manat per 1 liter

Grape wines and other alcoholic beverages with

alcohol content up to 20 percent

over 20 percent

110% of customs value, but not less than 25 manat per 1 liter

110% of customs cost, but not less than 40 manat per 1 liter

Alcohol used in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages (with the exception of imported for medical purposes, as well as state-owned enterprises, consumer cooperation enterprises)

   5 USD per liter

Tobacco products

47% of the customs value, but not less than $2 for 1 pack

Other manufactured tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes

10 US dollars per 1 kg

Passenger cars (except for special ambulance cars and specially equipped for disabled persons)

0.3 USD for 1 sm3 engine displacement


The list of excisable goods is classified in accordance with the codes of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity.