At present, Turkmenistan has become a major exporter of finished products. The textile industry today is the most dynamically developing sector of the country's economy. The products of more than 70 enterprises under the trademark "Made in Turkmenistan" are in great demand in the world markets. Among them are the products of the cotton-spinning factory named after the Great Saparmurat Turkmenbashi, located in the Halach district of the Lebap region.

14-16 tons of cotton yarn are produced here daily. The company's products are shipped to the textile factories of Turkmenistan, and also exported to different countries. The factory produces five different sizes of yarn according to the order of foreign buyers. The factory was put into operation in September 2002 (45 percent of capacity, and in May 2005 at full capacity. The design capacity is 9130 tons of yarn per year). Since then, its products have been in great demand both in the domestic and foreign markets.

Last year, the factory produced 5649 tons of yarn, in monetary terms, these products are equal to 58 million 703 thousand 667 manats. Of these, 2307.6 tons - in the amount of 24 million 519 thousand 47 manats were sent to domestic enterprises, and 3341.4 tons of yarn - in the amount of 36 million 862 thousand 866 manats were exported to countries such as Russia, Turkey, Poland, Armenia.

For six months of this year, the factory produced 1325 tons of products, more yarn was sent abroad. For 20 years of operation, the factory has accumulated rich experience in the production of high-quality industrial products, in which well-known Russian, Turkish, Polish, Armenian and other companies express great interest. At the current production facility, the factory has high-tech equipment manufactured by world manufacturers from Switzerland and Germany. Particular attention is paid to the compliance of manufactured products with international quality and environmental safety standards. The raw material base of the factory is cotton grown on the sown areas of the region. The factory employs 190 specialists, thanks to them the quality of the yarn is improved, as a result of which the demand for them increases. Currently, Turkmenistan is at the stage of stable economic growth, and there is a significant share of Halach spinners in this.