On November 6, 2023, a meeting between customs officers of Turkmenistan and Iran took place at the Sarakhs-Sarahs checkpoints on the border between the countries. Such meetings were previously held at the Gaudan-Bajgiran and Artyk-Lotfabad checkpoints, located on the Turkmen-Iranian border. There are a total of 4 border posts between Turkmenistan and Iran.

The Iranian delegation included 16 employees of the Iranian customs department - from the deputy head of the Customs Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the heads of various departments and representatives of regional customs offices, as well as representatives of the Embassy and Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Turkmenistan.

First, the meeting took place on the Iranian side, and in the afternoon on the Turkmen side. The Iranian delegation got acquainted with the work and arrangement of the Sarakhs Autoyollary customs post, the equipment of entry/exit halls, and the installation of X-ray equipment.

Customs officers from neighboring countries discussed issues of customs clearance of goods around the clock at Sarahs-Sarakhs checkpoints, exchange of preliminary information, as well as issues of developing bilateral cooperation.

As part of the meeting of the delegation of the two countries on the Turkmen side, a separate meeting of the joint working group, which was created to implement the Joint Action Plan for 2023-2024, signed in May of this year, was also held in the building of the Sarakhs Autoyollary customs post.