On January 23-25, 2024, a joint subregional practical on-site training was held at the Farap Avtoyollary (Turkmenistan) and Alat (Uzbekistan) customs posts on the implementation of a pilot mechanism for the exchange of preliminary information.

The event took place within the framework of the UNODC and WCO Global Program for the Control of Container Transport, the participants of which from Turkmenistan were members of the Port Control Group (PCG) of the Farap Autoyollary customs post and the responsible contact person from the Central Office of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan.

The training facilitator was the WCO international trainer, Mr. Svetlan Savov. The purpose of the event is to conduct practical training on checking and applying the mechanism for exchanging preliminary information on cargo between two port control groups operating at the specified posts.

During the session, GPK members tested the exchange of mutually agreed upon sets of data on incoming and outgoing cargo.

Expanding information interaction with customs administrations of other countries is one of the important tasks facing the customs authorities of Turkmenistan, aimed at simplifying customs procedures. Currently, the exchange of preliminary data has been established with the Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in accordance with the Protocol on the organization of the exchange of preliminary information on goods and vehicles moved across the customs border between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, which was signed on October 5, 2021.