A two-month course on the initial training of customs officials of Turkmenistan was launched in the customs building of the city of Arkadag. A group of students consisting of 20 recruits newly admitted to the customs service began their classes.

Initial professional training is the basis for the formation of professional qualities among customs officials. Taking this into account, the Training Center has developed a special program of initial professional training, which is mainly aimed at developing the necessary qualities for work in newly hired customs officials.

In accordance with this program, within two months, 20 students will receive basic knowledge about customs, master information in the field of organizing customs control, as well as combating crime, and increase awareness in the field of customs payments, statistics, and information technologies used.

The training base of the customs of the city of Arkadag has all the necessary technical means and equipment, where the training process is oriented towards the future and is delivered in accordance with the requirements of today.

At the end of the course, students will pass a final exam, based on the results of which a separate departmental commission will determine whether the employee will continue to serve in the country’s customs authorities.

We wish the recruits to successfully master the course, pass the tests at the certification commission with dignity and become worthy representatives of the customs authorities of Turkmenistan!