In the issue of creation of legal basis for the development and support of private property by the state and an economic system based on innovative technologies, export-oriented and import-substituting products have begun to develop widely. These reforms, as in all parts of our country, increasingly expanded the possibilities of private enterprises and businessmen, working in Lebap region to provide the population with food and other essential products. With the spread of the abundance of products, the export direction has begun to grow rapidly. High-quality environmentally friendly products, produced by owners using innovative technologies, show their competitiveness in the world market. 

Currently, Lebap businessmen are confidently and actively entering the world markets. The export of various goods, including foodstuffs, is systematically growing. The fact that tomatoes have a special place among the exported products can be explained by the increased attention paid to the development of the greenhouse complex. Just last year, 4974 tons of tomatoes were exported. These days, hard work is being carried out in the greenhouses of the region in order to celebrate the glorious 30th anniversary of the Independence of our country with a worthy gift. 

The export of tomatoes has increased in the year of “Turkmenistan – is Motherland of Peace and Trust”. From the beginning of the year to the present days, more than 4,700 tons of tomatoes have been shipped to countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. From the beginning of last year to present day, the export of more than 7,000 tons of mung beans, considered highly nutritious, and more than 215 tons of kidney beans to the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and Pakistan, testifies the growing interest in Turkmen products at foreign markets. Besides all of this, food products such as sesame seeds, carrots and beans are exported.

Entrepreneurs are taking successful steps to strengthen economic ties with foreign businessmen. The efforts of the President of Turkmenistan on further development of entrepreneurship in our country, the multilateral support provided by our state, and the expansion of conditions conducive to creating a more favorable business climate that stimulates investment, motivate private entrepreneurs to work with enthusiasm. Tomatoes grown in modern greenhouse complexes of dozens of private enterprises, such as “Altyn Burgut”, “Altyn Gul”, as well as economic associations such as “Akhmet-Khaidar” and “Bashnur”, which have accumulated rich experience in doing business in our region, are in the great demand abroad. By growing a rich harvest of tomatoes and catch crops, a large group of Lebap entrepreneurs, who are capable to plant two or three crops a year and gather in crops, make a significant contribution into the development of the export area. It is more profitable for entrepreneurs to use the services of regional automobile companies for the delivery of export goods.

About 4000 of Lebap entrepreneurs are members of the Industrialists’ and Entrepreneurs’ Union of Turkmenistan. They make a weighty contribution to economic development, growth of food abundance, as well as expansion of export products not only of the region, but also of the entire country.