During the days of the Culture Week of Turkmenistan, there are more and more joyful events in the Lebap region. One of them was the opening of the “Child’s world” cultural and entertaining center in Farap town of Farap district. The crowning of our living standards with success clearly shows the triumph of the basic principle of our High-Distinguished President "The State is for the People!". The reforms implemented by our national Leader have a positive impact on the life of every city and every person. This is clearly seen both in the appearance of our villages and cities, and in the fortunes of their inhabitants. Such happy moments abound in life of our young generation as well. Thanks to the efforts of our Esteemed President, Turkmenistan has become a land of happy childhood.

An invaluable gift from our Esteemed President to children was the “Child’s world” cultural and entertainment center, which was solemnly opened in Farap town of Farap district, within the framework of the Culture Week. The children greeted the gift of our dear Arkadag with great gratitude. In 2016, Farap district was recognized as the "Best District of the Year". In honor of this, our High-Distinguished President awarded the region with 1 million US dollars. This fund was used to build the “Child’s world” cultural and entertainment center. The general contractor for the construction was the Turkmenabat enterprise of reinforced concrete products "Demirbetononumleri", and the individual enterprise "Jemshidin Jamy" was a subcontractor. The new park covers an area of 1.5 hectares. There are favorable conditions for children, so that they can have fun and useful time and relax. There are 11 playgrounds in the park. The park has a cafe with 46 seats, 5 special places for parents to relax, a game room and other buildings for various purposes. The lights of this beautiful park spread beauty and joy around at night. Children and their parents are happy that our Hero Arkadag has built this park.