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Conference on Cooperation between State Customs Service and international organizations
23 Sen
Conference on Cooperation between State Customs Service and international organizations

On September 21, 2019, a conference on international cooperation of the customs service was held at the Central Office of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan. The event was dedicated to the adoption of the Resolution “2021 - International Year of Peace and Confidence” by the UN General Assembly. This planned event was organized within the framework of the order of the President of Turkmenistan at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on October 12 last year to develop a scientific line of activity in industries.

Officers of the ministries of defense, internal affairs, adalat, as well as border, migration and customs services of Turkmenistan were invited to the meeting. Among the speakers were a specialist from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, editor of the military magazine Milli Goshun, as well as the national coordinators of some international organizations accredited in Turkmenistan with whom the customs service interacts.

As noted, international cooperation is one of the important aspects aimed at improving and modernizing the systems of customs authorities. Capacity building and the study of international best practices is the basis of this area. To this end, Turkmenistan closely cooperates with large and reputable international organizations, primarily the World Customs Organization, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, various UN entities, such as the Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and the Development Program (UNDP), as well as BOMCA etc. They noted the success of the visit of the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization to Turkmenistan in January this year, as well as the subsequent holding of an electronic exchange forum in the Turkmen capital data with the participation of customs representatives of a number of states.

As part of the event, guests visited the museum at the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan, where among the exhibits are historical documents and photographs, special equipment, sports awards received by employees during sports competitions between law enforcement agencies, as well as an imitation of the desktop of a customs officer of the last century.