An important agricultural campaign – mass harvest of cotton has taken a start in Turkmenistan. In accordance with the schedule approved by the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on September 2, on September 7, the harvest of the “white gold” began in Akhal, Balkan, Lebap and Mary regions. Taking into account, the soil and climatic conditions, a little later –on September 14 peasants of Dashoguz region will also join them.

To open the cotton-harvesting season with the blessing of the head of the state and honoured elders is a long established tradition of Turkmen agriculturists. 

At present, the work on development of cotton textile clusters in regions continues. The textile complex with a capacity of 5 thousand tons of fine fibre cotton a year commissioned into operation in Kaka district of Akhal region last year, can serve a good example for it. 

As a whole, by the country 1600 cotton harvester combines, 7800 units of transport for transportation of the harvest will be operated and 39 ginneries and 158 reception points are prepared for the season.

In places, for regular work of cotton harvester combines, according to the instruction of head of the state Serdar Berdimuhamedov the round the clock technical and other services are provided and proper conditions are created for productive work and full-fledged rest of machine operators, drivers and masters of manual cotton picking. 

In laboratories functioning at procurement stations and ginneries, specialists of «Türkmenstandartlary» State Service ensure proper control of quality of the delivered product.

 By a noble tradition of people, before the start of harvest honoured elders and representatives of the religion prayed God for wellbeing and progress of our fatherland, our native people under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

Today, the first caravan of vehicles and tractors with trailers fully loaded with the “white gold” and decorated with state flags, carpets and banners arrived in reception points and ginneries of Akhal, Lebap, Mary and Balkan regions.  In events on the occasion of the start of cotton harvest, representatives of khyakimliks, farm associations and public organizations took part.

Within the framework of the present events exhibitions of agricultural machinery, products of enterprises of agricultural processing and textile industries were organized. Groups of cultural and art workers of regions who presented their concert programs, added more joy to the atmosphere of the holiday. Best workers of industry –top best tenant farmers –cotton growers who have grown a rich harvest were awarded costly presents on behalf of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov.