During the round table discussion, the OSCE commitments in the field of ensuring gender equality, the implementation of Turkmenistan's policy aimed at ensuring gender equality, national plans summarizing the international obligations of Turkmenistan in this area, the role and influence of the Association of Women of Turkmenistan in expanding economic, social and cultural women's rights. Speeches on this issue strengthened the understanding of the military officials of the region and the military employees of the customs. Turkmenistan, being a full member of the UN and an active participant in major international conventions on human rights, successfully implements the provisions of important documents related to gender equality. Here, a large group of women work in responsible positions. According to the Constitution, they enjoy equal rights with men, and ensuring equal rights and equal opportunities for women in all spheres of state and public life ensures their decent life. The round table discussion on ensuring gender equality also showed that measures to expand the rights and freedoms of women working in the regional customs, the State Migration Service, the State Border Service strengthen the democratic foundations in a harmonious relationship between the state and society. Democratic reforms carried out in the country through the efforts of the esteemed President are also of great importance in ensuring gender equality.