Based on the initiatives of our Esteemed President on the establishment and development of international transport systems and corridors, which have received broad support from the world community, The State Customs Service carries out activities aimed at stimulating the country's economy and developing international trade by creating conditions for accelerating the movement of goods across the customs border of Turkmenistan.

IT system TIR-EPD, developed in accordance with The Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets by International Transport Union (IRU), is integrated with "Transit" module of the customs information system ASYCUDA World.

TIR-EPD – is a system which used for sending electronic preliminary information to customs authorities on goods moving across the customs border. This procedure helps customs officers to use risk management system, including monitoring prices, quantities and types of goods, all of which leads to the acceleration of commodity turnover and the strengthening the country’s transport and transit capacity.