A representative of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan participated in a workshop organized by the WCO for the European Region on the exchange of best practices in ensuring business continuity and improving emergency preparedness, which was held in Skopje, North Macedonia, on March 8-10, 2023.

The event was held as part of the World Customs Organization's COVID-19 Project, where participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the international legal principles for providing assistance in emergencies and natural disasters, as well as the tools and regulations developed by the World Customs Organization in this area. Each of the participants spoke about the measures taken by the customs authorities in case of emergencies in their countries. The representative of the Customs Service of the Republic of Turkey made a presentation on the simplified customs procedures introduced after the February 2023 earthquakes and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It should be noted that the event was held with the personal participation of the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization, Mr. Kunio Mikuriya.