UNODC delegation consisting of Mr. Fedor Klimchuk, Deputy Director, Division for Policy Analysis and Public Affairs and Mr. Igor Kondratyev, Deputy Chief, Co-financing and Partnerships Section is in Turkmenistan with official visit. During their visit, on April 3, 2023 the meeting was held at State Customs Service of Turkmenisan to discuss current cooperation between Turkmenistan and UNODC.

Greeting the guests, the representative of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan expressed his gratitude to UNODC for productive cooperation with the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan.

As an analysis of the participation of our employees in events organized in the framework of cooperation with international organizations for 2022 and three months of this year, such as trainings, seminars, study tours to foreign countries, shows, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime is our most active international partner .

It was noted with satisfaction the implementation of such joint projects as the “Program for the Control of Container Transportation”, “The Interconnection System of Port Control Groups Established under this Program”, “The Opening of a New Port Control Group on the basis of the customs post “Farap Avtoyollary” of the Lebap Velayat Customs in 2022.