The great reforms that are being carried out with the aim of planting a tree in our country and turning our country into a garden are being successfully implemented. These exemplary works, begun by the tireless efforts of the National Leader of the Turkmen people, Hero Arkadag, continue worthily under the wise leadership of our Honorable Commander-in-Chief. Defenders of the Motherland also enthusiastically participate in the garden planting ceremony, which takes place every year in two seasons.

In the year of “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, the autumn garden planting ceremony was successfully held on November 4th. Following the original principles, military personnel of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan also took an active part in these events. As part of the autumn garden planting ceremony, the State Customs Service planted hundreds of new tree plants of various types, and cared for more than 30 thousand trees. These events were successfully carried out in the Central Office of the State Customs Service, regional customs offices, all customs posts and other relevant places.