On November 22, 2023, a meeting was held at the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan with EU experts Sandra Karkline-Admine, Deputy Director of the Customs Department of the State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia and Iveta Sice-Trede, Head of the Border Control Department of the Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Latvia.

The meeting was organized in accordance with the Work Plan for the second half of the European Union Program for the Promotion of Border Management in Central Asia - Phase 10 (BOMCA 10) under the component Facilitating legitimate trade flows across borders.

EU experts arrived in Turkmenistan on a technical mission to develop interdepartmental cooperation between customs, phytosanitary and veterinary services involved in border control at checkpoints.

During the meeting, the parties discussed forms and methods of cooperation between customs and VFS authorities, and a review of existing legislation in this direction was made.