Turkmenistan celebrates Turkmen Horse Day
1 May
Turkmenistan celebrates Turkmen Horse Day

On April 30, 2017 Turkmenistan celebrated the Turkmen Horse Day. The major festivities took place at the International Akhal-Teke Equestrian Center near Ashgabat with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Thousands of Turkmen citizens and numerous guests of the country gathered in the International Akhal-Teke Equestrian Complex, which turned into a huge demonstration site, where the national culture and traditions of the Turkmen people are represented in all diversity.

On the territory of the complex there was a large exhibition of arts and crafts, paintings and other works, where the main characters are the incomparable Akhalteke horses. This grand opening reflected the carefully preserved heritage and dynamic modernity, richness and inexhaustibility of the creative imagination of the people.

Folk festivities, concerts, celebrations of honorable horse-breeders marking the Turkmen Horse Day were held in all regions of Turkmenistan.