Respected President got acquainted with the course of construction of the plant on production of petroleum from gas
11 Jan
Respected President got acquainted with the course of construction of the plant on production of petroleum from gas

On January 10, 2019 respected President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made working trip to Ahal velayat, where Respected President got acquainted with the state of affairs on construction of new large enterprise of fuel and energy complex of the country – the plant on production of gasoline built in Ovadandepe from natural gas.

In the morning, the President of Turkmenistan arrived by car to new industrial giant whose commissioning is planned this year. Here, the Head of State held short meeting during which various aspects of the energy strategy of the country were discussed, relevant tasks for the leading branch of national economy on the near-term outlook were designated.

Leader of the Nation listened to the report on the work carried out for further development of oil and gas complex, including the gas-processing sector, increase in the production of the oil and gas-chemical products in demand of domestic and foreign consumers, expansions of its range, attraction in energy industry of foreign investments. Tablets with the photoillustrations and technological schemes allowing to gain evident impression about new building were presented to attention of the Head of State.

Having emphasized that reaching of gas-chemical complex design capacity and effective use of all its opportunities directly depends on skill level of experts, Respected President addressed number of instructions in this respect.

Representative of the company “Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.” K.Noumura told about the main stages of receiving synthetic liquid hydrocarbons to the Head of the State. Representative “Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.” on behalf of the management of the company assured the President of Turkmenistan that all works at this plant would be performed with high quality.

Further the deputy Chairman of the Cabinet, the Minister of Foreign Affairs reported on key issues of the Turkmen-Japanese cooperation, including in political and diplomatic, trade and economic, scientific and investment spheres.

Summarizing the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized that increasing multidimensional interaction with Japan was as one of the priority directions in the context of development of constructive dialogue between Turkmenistan and the Asia-Pacific region. Having stated with satisfaction dynamic and traditionally friendly nature of the bilateral relations with Japan, Respected President noted that every year this partnership built on long-term, mutually advantageous basis found new incentives and concrete filling.

Having expressed strong confidence that all works on this and other new buildings, carried out with the assistance of foreign partners, would be of high quality and completed in the planned terms, the President wished everyone good health, family wellbeing and success. Having warmly said goodbye to the gathered, the Head of State left the place of the event.