June 5 - World Environment Day
5 Jun
June 5 - World Environment Day

Every year on June 5, Turkmenistan, together with the world community, celebrates World Environment Day. On this day, environmental events, cultural and educational lectures and exhibitions, conferences, and thematic classes are organized around the world.

According to the State News Agency, the President of Turkmenistan has sent greetings to the country's environmental workers.

It specifically states:

Congratulations on the widely celebrated World Environment Day! Our ancestors always knew how to live in harmony with nature. For many centuries, it is firmly rooted in the minds of our people, and now the attitude to the environment has been enriched with new content. At present, the ancestral traditions of the people are developing, combined with cardinal measures taken to solve the global problems of mankind.

The main task of the state policy in the field of ecology is to ensure the life of the people in a favorable environment, respect for natural resources and their rational use in order to pass on even more beautiful nature to future generations. In this direction, we conduct constructive cooperation at the regional and international levels...